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Powered Platforms

Users will enjoy the features of our original platforms plus the benefits of this new standardized design with:
• Greater compatibility with standard equipment;
• Faster production times from our USA factory; and
• Better availability of replacement and repair parts.
This platform comes in several configurations with optional accessories such as mullion guides, extendable ends, and extendable wall rollers available.
• Ideal for new construction AND retrofits
• Highly customizable with 2-line or 4-line
systems, multiple power source options,
wall rollers and façade stabilization types
and more.

Modular Sections Specifications


  • # 3523-100 L/R – 1 METER END SECTION
  • # 3523-200 L/R – 2 METER END SECTION
  • # 3523-300 L/R – 3 METER END SECTION


  • #3523-400 – 1 METER MID SECTION
  • #3523-500 – 2 METER MID SECTION
  • #3523-600 – 3 METER MID SECTION


  • Modular System allows for changes in lengths
  • High Capacity Hoists
  • Dual Sky Lock Safety
  • Brake System
  • Central Control Box
  • Dual Electric Powered Wire Winders
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Grate


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