NY Empire State Scaffolding

Access Solutions for your projects


Rent However Long as You Need It

We rent scaffold of all different sizes and dimensions. Additionally we loan our equipment by a daily, weekly or monthly rate, depending on what works best for our clients.

Get the Job Done with Our Construction Equipment Rentals

There comes a point that reaching parts of a building without the proper equipment is impossible. You need to keep the project moving forward. What do you do? To solve your access and building needs, you’re going to need tools. Where else to go but NY Empire State Scaffolding; we have the equipment to get the job done. We proudly offer construction equipment rentals that satisfy your every need. From forklifts to walk-through frames, we’ve got it all.

How Much Do You Value Workers’ Safety?

Safety should be the top primary concern when dealing with a construction project, no matter the scope. The necessity to maintain worker safety is all the more prominent when working at high elevations. It’s a regular occurrence for workers to go hundreds, if not thousands of feet in the air to lay bricks, install glass, perform electrical work and a wide assortment of other structural work. When they do, our stair towers will provide your team with multiple points of safe access up in the air. Our rental equipment allows you to get the job done effectively, efficiently and above all, safely and securely.

We offer our partners the choice of purchasing equipment or renting it. We also provide prompt delivery. Be sure to ask for our forklifts as well. We accept major credit cards.