NY Empire State Scaffolding

10′ x 4′ Scaffold Cross Brace

The 10 ft. x 4 ft. Galvanized Scaffold Cross Brace is used for both standard and arched (walk thru) scaffolding towers to reach full load capacity. Contractor grade performance and exceeds OSHA standards. Saferstack the greatest innovation in the scaffolding industry since the invention of the frame itself. Stacks in 30% less space than regular frames. Frames interlock for safer storage and transport. Saferstack helps prevent stacked frames from sliding.

  • 4 ft. x 10 ft. galvanized scaffold cross brace
  • 1 in. O.D. galvanized steel tube, 16-Guage
  • Works with both standard and arched scaffold frames
  • Designed for scaffold frames that have 4 ft. locking pin spacing
  • A cross brace must be installed on each leg of a frame or arch frame for it to reach its full load capacity
  • Meets ANSI, CSA and OSHA standards
  • Design for outdoor use
  • Cross brace fits on most scaffolding brands
  • Easy to install on each leg of any scaffold


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