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Sky Stage Ultra Deck

The Sky Stage Ultra Deck is a high-capacity work platform. Platform size
and capacity are easily customizable.

The Sky Stage Ultra Deck uses standard SSU components and can be tailored with sensors, outlets, flooring, scaffolding and other accessories for a versatile and easy-to-use access solution.

• Platform size is customizable to fit applications
• Uses standard SSU components
• Load rating is flexible based on number of hoists and tie-off points
• Can include electrical outlets and other accessories
• Central Control Box operates all hoists at the same
• Anti-tilt, Underload and Overload Sensors
• Dual-rope system capable
• Attachments for horizontal life lines
• Less expensive than built-up scaffolding
• Cover large areas with one platform
• Easily move between levels and work areas
• Able to put large number of workers and
equipment in one area
• Easy to assemble and disassemble on-site, can
save weeks of project time
• Breaks down into small components for easy
handling and storage
Ideal for work on Boilers, Bridges, Off-shore Oil Rigs, Restoration, and many other special applications.


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