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Core IC Pneumatic Forklift

  • Solid Front and Reard Pneumatic Tires
  • LP Gas Powered – UL Type “LP” Rating
  • Strobe Light – Yellow
  • TK20 – 2020 New Standards
  • Steering Wheel with Knob
  • Adjustable Volume Back-up Alarm (Smart Alarm)
  • Rented per day, week, month.
  • 2″ Lowered Overhead Guard (Overall truck height tolerance is +/- 157″ due to tires.

Wildly durable and engineered with ergonomics in mind, the Core IC Pneumatic forklift can maneuver almost anything. With a lift capacity range of 3,000-6,500 lbs., the Toyota Core IC Pneumatic forklift is the premier material handling solution for most outdoor applications. This forklift is equipped with a three-way catalytic muffler system as standard equipment and conforms to current EPA and California ARB regulations for off-road large spark ignited engines. This has the following specifications and features:

Weight 2500 lbs
Dimensions 227.584 × 106.934 × 208.026 in


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