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19 x 7 Non Rotating Wire Rope

Breaking Strength 8600 lbs
Part No. 51008306-NR Custom
Length 51008306-NR-(length)

Main- and auxiliary hoist line on mobile- and truck cranes. Often used as a single point line. Large lifting heights will require a tag line to prevent excessive spinning of the load. Smaller sizes (< 3/8″) are sometimes used on overhead cranes. NOT recommended for construction tower cranes.

Using the rope to its maximum fatigue life will cause the rope to deteriorate from the inside out. Sudden rope failures may be the result. For this reason we do not recommend this construction for tower cranes. There have been fatal and catastrophic accidents involving this rope construction because of undetected inner rope fatigue.

However, mobile and truck mounted cranes are operated on a much less severe duty cycle and it is not expected that 19×7 has to be replaced because of inner rope fatigue but because of other mechanical damages. Keep in mind that this statement covers normal mobile crane use. If you use a mobile crane like a production crane you WILL experience the above mentioned danger situations.

PLUS, regular type 19×7 does not spool very good on multiple layer drums; there is too much strand interlocking causing excessive rope abrasion.


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